Bagche Receives Vital Funding from Mass Cultural Council

Bagche Receives Vital Funding from Mass Cultural Council to Reinvigorate Cultural Enrichment Initiatives

Bagche, a distinguished educational and cultural organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating Iranian heritage, is thrilled to announce the reception of funding from the esteemed Mass Cultural Council. This financial support stands as a resounding testament to Mass Cultural Council’s commitment to nurturing cultural enrichment and strengthening community bonds.

Bagche’s central mission revolves around cultivating a profound understanding and appreciation for Iranian culture among children. By providing a platform for young minds to connect with their roots, Bagche has established itself as a beacon of cultural preservation and education. An instrumental facet of their endeavor is the organization of Iranian Festivals, the cornerstone being the much-celebrated Yalda Festival, marking the Winter solstice.

Through these immersive festivals, Bagche aims to offer children an enchanting and educational experience, enabling them to actively participate in a variety of activities and learn about Iran’s rich cultural heritage. The Yalda Festival, in particular, holds significant cultural significance, symbolizing the longest night of the year and signifying the arrival of winter.

At the core of Bagche’s philosophy lies a distinctive methodology – harnessing the talents of accomplished Iranian artists to impart culture and language to children through the medium of arts. This amalgamation of cultural education and artistic expression has emerged as a remarkably effective strategy, captivating children’s imagination and nurturing a profound connection with their Iranian heritage.

“Bagche is truly honored to receive this support from Mass Cultural Council, as it underscores the importance of preserving and sharing cultural heritage,” stated Marzieh Mirhashemi], co- founder and CEO at Bagche. “With the backing of Mass Cultural Council, we are poised to continue our mission of nurturing a deep appreciation for Iranian culture among the younger generation.”

Mass Cultural Council’s investment in Bagche’s cultural initiatives serves as a testament to the council’s dedication to fostering cultural understanding and enriching community life. The upcoming festivals promise a captivating array of experiences that will resonate with young minds and leave a lasting imprint of cultural heritage.

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