Bagche Policy & Expectations

Academics and Participation

• Students are responsible for bringing textbook , notebooks, pencils, and other necessary stationary items.

• Class reports and homework are posted to Brightwheel every week.

• Parents are expected to support their child’s learning and progress by reading the teacher’s notes and tracking the completion and submission of the assigned homework/projects.

• Parents are expected to download recommended apps for specific learning activities and monitor their child’s online safety for projects that require online research.

• Planned absences, such as vacations, need to be reported to the teacher at least 24 hr in advance. Coordination for additional academic support following an absence is the responsibility of the student and the parents.

• For group classes, the teacher may be notified on the day of the class about a student’s absence due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness.

• For private and semi-private classes, last-minute cancelation or arriving more than 15 minutes late without prior communication with the teacher counts as a no-show (the session tuition is charged).


• Bagche is not responsible for monitoring the students during the drop off and pick-up times. Parents, caregivers, and/or designated drivers are responsible for the safety of their children and are expected to exit their vehicle and walk the student across the parking lot both at drop-off and pick-up time.

• Students should not come to in-person classes if they are ill. Students will be sent home if fever or clear signs of illness are present.

• Bagche is not responsible for the personal belonging of the students of their family members, attending the school.

• Students are strongly discouraged from bringing to school valuable items, favorite toys, or large amounts of cash. Students at Bagche are absolutely forbidden from bringing any type of ball, toy guns, or any articles associated with violence or danger.

Conduct and Discipline

• Students are expected to arrive on time and remain in class for the entire time, whether in-person or online.

• Students are expected to maintain a respectful attitude toward their classmates and staff, the entire time. Parent involvement is expected in collaboration with the teacher or school administration for addressing disruptive or unsafe behavior. The student may be removed from the class and/or group activity if the problem persists after warnings and intervention(s) by the school teacher or staff.

• Immediate suspension may result from, but is not limited to, the following specific offenses: overt abusive language and/or physical aggression toward teacher(s), staff, or other students; damage to school property and/or unauthorized use of school equipment; chronic bullying of peers; or possession of items that are potentially dangerous, such as pocket knives.

• Appropriate clothing and tied shoes must be worn to school. No student is permitted to wear items that have messages related to sex, drugs, or violence. The final decision about the appropriateness of clothing is made by school admins.

Communication and Feedback

• Parents are expected to maintain open communication with their child’s instructor or the school administrator to address any academic, technical, scheduling, or behavioral concerns.

• Parents are expected to attend parent-teacher conferences mid-year to learn about their child’s progress, success, and challenges. Teachers provide a written evaluation form and share their feedback while parents can ask any questions they may have regarding their child’s academic experience. Students receive their second and final evaluation form at the end of the academic year.