Why Bagche?

Music Language and Art

The name “Bagche” means “a small garden” in Farsi. Gardens are celebrated in Persian literature and culture as places to cultivate and reconnect with nature and one’s roots. The name “Bagche” was chosen for that reason and also to honor the legacy of a family that contributed immensely to children’s education, music and art: the “Baghtcheban family.” Today, we still listen to and marvel at the operatic creations of Samin and Evelyn Baghtcheban in our classes and wonder what we, as a community, can do—over forty years later—to reinvigorate and build upon the splendor of their ambitious work. Our goal is to provide a space for children to reconnect with the culture of their parents. In doing so, we celebrate the most revered aspects of the Iranian cultural heritage: the Persian language, poetry, philosophy and art; our festivals; our history of cultural tolerance and inclusion; and our respect for civil and ethical conduct among other things. We draw on these common grounds to find strength and promote cultural awareness and diversity within our community. We hope that Bagche would provide a prism through which children can understand and make informed conclusions about the their heritage, identity, ethics and worldview.
What do we do?

What we do is two-fold: on one hand, we offer Farsi language classes for children and youth, and on the other hand, we hire and support the artistic endeavors of local Iranian artists and educators. In order to provide an effective, fun and well-rounded educational experience, we incorporate music, movement, art, and visual aids in every class. To learn about our regular classes, go to classes. Finally, with an eye to the future, we hope to work with our local community and national organizations to design cultural awareness and youth leadership programs.

Board of Directors
The board of directors is tasked with overseeing Bagche's business operations, setting strategic goals and ensuring financial sustainability. The directors are elected annually.
Our Team at Bagche
Our team is made up of a dedicated group of officers and teachers. Officers are in charge of daily operational activities, communication and program execution and teachers are engaged in designing and executing the curriculum.