for Music Language and Art, Inc.

Farsi, Music and Art School for Children in the Greater Boston Area

Bagche is a non-profit organization (TAX ID: 84-2681839).  And as such, it is not owned by an individual or organization. Instead, it belongs to the community it is created to serve. To read Bagche's mission and bylaws, go to Bylaws.  


We offer classes and workshops in Persian language, culture and art. We also support and organize events and activities which promote understanding and respect for cultural diversity. We hope to create a strong, nurturing community for next generation Iranian-Americans, their families, Iranian-American artists and educators and all those interested in Persian language and culture regardless of their race or nationality. To learn about our classes and workshops, go to Academics.

Our team at Bagche is made up of teachers and executive officers with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Meet our Team

Bagche is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Meet our Board of Directors.

To see photos, videos and media coverage, go to Take a Peek.