Music Workshop
Rhythm mastery, and farsi poems for kids!
Age range: +4 Years
Program duration: 10
Duration: 1 Hour Minutes
Meeting times: Sundays 11:45AM - 12:45AM
Tuition: $$300
INSTRUCTOR: Aida Nadafian, Doctoral Student in Music Education at Boston University.

Workshop Details:

Duration: 10 Sessions

Age Group: 4 and above

Cost: $ 300

When: Sundays, 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Parents, give your child a unique musical journey with Acapella! Here, voices replace instruments, and beautiful harmonies emerge. Alongside, your kids will discover the poetic charm of Farsi, setting words to heartwarming rhythms.

What Will Your Child Learn?
* Vocal Basics: Gentle introduction to vocal training tailored for young voices.
* Rhythmic Fun: Engaging rhythmic games and patterns designed to keep kids excited and involved.
* Farsi Songs: Your child will confidently sing two Farsi songs, focusing on their unique tones.
* Performance Time: Kids will shine in live performances and even star in a video clip of their songs!
Why This Class?
* Teamwork & Bonding: Children learn the importance of teamwork, blending voices to make beautiful music.
* Farsi Pronunciation: A unique opportunity for kids to perfect their Farsi tones.
* Developing Listening Skills: Our blend of voice and rhythm activities sharpens auditory skills, crucial for both language and musical learning.
* All Voices Welcome: Acapella is for everyone!
Every kid gets to experience the thrill of live singing.
And as a keepsake, you’ll receive a professionally mixed recording of their performances—a cherished memento of their accomplishments.
Note for Parents: Acapella is the special art of singing without instruments, where only the human voice creates music and harmony. Enroll now and let your child be part of this beautiful experience!

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