Class D (Pooneh): Art and Language 

This class has two portions; the language portion of the class introduces different vocabulary to the children through games and storytelling and illustration. Children will continue learning Persian alphabet and vocabulary. The art portion includes singing activities, musical games, crafts and instrument exploration.  

Instructor: Niloufar Kayhani, Amir Tabatabaei, Camelia Eftekhari

Age range: 6-8 Duration: 90 minutes 

Meeting times: Sundays 9:30-11, 11-30-1

Bagche Calendar:


Tuition: $1400 

Tuition can be paid in full, 2, 3 and 9  installments. Financial aid program is available. Contact us for more details. 



Current students will continue with their own groups. If your child is a new student, you’ll receive an evaluation form upon registration so we can place your child in the appropriate class (based on their age and fluency).